Closed since 2010. Catering Service only.

“I’ve been to the Tea Room in San Francisco and yours tops that! The room is wonderful, the service superb, the food fantastic and the opportunity to experience
This with friends – priceless. We'll be back!"
Nancy Barnes

“Thank you for bringing the finer things to Livermore.” Cathy

”What a wonderful addition to Livermore. Thank you
for the great service and relaxing atmosphere."

Dania Stonehan

“I felt like a Queen for a day. The food and tea were excellent. The service was superb and the surroundings magnificent! I will come again and again just for my day as well bringing my friends for tea! Thank you so much for a wonderful experience."
Madeline Flling

“Congratulations on the best tea house in the world. We have had such a wonderful, relaxing experience today. Thank you so much."
Marge Morimoto